How to trap a chipmunk?

Chipmunks are small and very active creatures. These rodents are very brisk and clever in that they find many ways of entering in the territory and gardens. Though chipmunks are not dangerous creatures ad they also do not cause any hug loss for the houses and their dwellers but still these are the uninvited guests which can chew away the roots of your garden plants. Moreover it is also a fact that once the chipmunks find food in your garden or get to know about the favorable conditions they come their again and again but also bring their mates with them. The most dangerous condition is when these chipmunks make their nests in their mating and breeding seasons. Then there are chances that their young ones will also be born there and will be brought up initially.

Trapping a chipmunk
Especially it becomes imperative to trap the chipmunk and get rid of it otherwise it will become a huge problem for homeowners owing to the magnitude of losses which it makes. If they gain entry into the house during winters and find it cozy, they may also not leave the house and stay there for almost up to the winters. Many people rely on using the repellents but this may be of no use in some cases because chipmunks are clever enough to find the alternative ways of entering into your house.

Using humane traps for chipmunks
The extent and estimate of damage can only be made by those people who experience the devastation due to these small rodents. These innocent looking creatures can eat up your pet food, and can also destroy your plants and their roots. Therefore when the technique of repellents does not work in making them run away, you have to use the trapping technique for the chipmunks which have entered into your house or garden. It is very important to choose the trap of right kind and select the effective bait which can attract the chipmunks and can help in their trapping.

Carry out exclusion procedure
If you fear of having more than one chipmunk in your house or your garden and you are also unable to trap them by using the various kinds of traps, then you should carry out the exclusion procedure before the breeding season of these rodents. This is also helpful in removing them once for all but do not forget to seal the points so that they may not come back again.

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