How to trap a coyote?

There are certain mandatory instructions which should be kept in mind if you are planning to trap a coyote. Some of these are as follows:

Choosing the right kind of trap
Coyotes are very strong and ferocious animals. Therefore if you want to trap them or cage them, then you have to choose the most appropriate kind of trap so that they may not break it away and run away. Secondly the trap should also be large enough to carry the coyote and it should not be congested. Usually the spring traps are preferred in order to capture the coyotes and these traps are considered appropriate for catching the coyotes. The jaw spread of the trap should not be less than 6 inches. Usually the 3 size trap is preferred for catching the coyote. Mostly people say that the trap of size 1.5 is enough for catching the coyote but it is in fact very small.

Installations in the trap
It is important that the trap should be carrying the swivel in the center and there is a base plate which should be reinforced in the center. The significance of the center swivel is that is that it will help in reducing the chances of harming the foot of coyote. Usually when the coyote tries to pull the heavy chain in order to get out of the trap, the foot may be harmed. Usually most of the coyotes are shy of the cage traps. Therefore these traps do not make a good choice. Sometimes people modify these traps and add their own changes so as to make the traps look different. Mostly they make the narrow jaws of the trap much wider. This is done by welding the metal strip along the jaw of trap so that its width can be increased.

Targeting the coyote
Usually it so happens that there might be many coyotes living in or near your area, but all of them may not be causing harm or damage to your house or yard. Therefore you should set the trap by targeting the right coyote which is really a source of nuisance in your surroundings. You should first of all carry out the whole survey about the coyote, its timings and its living area. Otherwise if you catch the family members of the coyote, it may not be helpful because the problem will still be persisting. Usually the male coyotes are more problematic and these are notorious for killing the livestock and causing damage to the farms as well. Therefore these should be targeted and caught so that the problem can be solved.

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