How to trap or exclude the flying squirrels

Flying squirrels can become a very great nuisance to a person for they will disturb you greatly at night making all your nights turn into dreadful nightmares. Therefore, you need to do something before the whole situation gets out hand.

Trapping the squirrels
In trapping you have to consider some several methods that you could use. Actually, in depth, there are many methods that you could use to trap these nuisance animals. The trapping methods that there are include;

• Live traps.
• Exclusion doors.

These are the only two common methods that one could use to catch these animals alive. Other methods are considered to be inhumane and may hurt the animal causing an abrupt death.

Live traps
Just like the name suggests, live traps are used to catch the animal alive. They are not known to cause any harm to the animal and they will actually deliver the animal alive without any physical harm done to the animal. These are very humane and are the most preferred in catching these squirrels.

Exclusion methods
Using the one-way exclusion doors are other methods that are very adorable in catching and excluding these nuisance animals. Instead of posing a threat to the animal by catching it in a trap, why don’t you use the one way exclusion door to get rid of the animal. This machines/door will only allow the squirrels to move out and never come back. This is very humane. The individual or the person will never come into contact with the squirrel.

Still not able
If you cannot use the DIY methods effectively, you might want to contact the professional wildlife removal agent to help you with the job. This is in case you are very afraid to do it yourself. These professional companies will remove the animal for you and even do a follow up on your case. Therefore, you are assured that the animals will not come back easily.

Spotting the squirrels is a very easy task but the actual tough activity sets in when trapping the animal and trying to catch it. This will require some specialized skills given that the animal will actually glide from one place to another. The most recommended idea when trapping is to seek assistance from the professionals and they will help you out and take you through what you need to know.

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