How to trap a fox?

Foxes are naturally shy and reclusive animals. Do you know they are fairly common in suburban areas? Yes, they are very smart at marking the news and the odds in their territory and they will know what’s been added and what’s been taken out, thus very cunning.

They are night walkers and they will tend to fly solo. They love visiting their selected destination at deep dark night and conduct their dirty activities. You may never see the fox with your own naked eyes but the message they leave you is quite devastating. They will cause a mess at the place they visit.

Trapping the fox
Foxes are very clever and very knowledgeable and will tend to understand their area quite well, therefore, they will escape every bit of plan you set to catch them. Therefore, you have to be very careful with your plan layout.

One workable plan to catch the fox is by using the step-trapping which involve giving the fox some food for a period of nights, may be three night.

• The first night give the fox the food and make sure that it is place just outside the trap.
• The second night give the fox food for free but this time make sure it placed just at the entrance of the trap.
• For the third night give the animal the food but this time make sure that the food is placed inside the trap but still do not catch the animal.
• As you do these make sure that the trap is camouflaged with the leaves or straws or any other thing that will sell the trap out.

The kind of trap you use really matters a lot. Do not go the leg-hold traps. They are very inhumane. The best of the best is the camouflage able wire-meshed cage traps that will activate the door immediately the fox pulls of the bait. Otherwise, using other traps the results might be very negative. You might also find the law on your neck since there are other foxes that are protected by the law.

Trapping these animals might be a very difficult venture considering that they are highly slyly. Therefore, you will need to come up with a proper trapping technique.

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