How to trap a rabbit

If you are having troubles with the rabbits in your yard, maybe the best option that you could run for are the traps. Live trapping is perhaps the best method of all. All other methods of getting rid of the animal or prevention of the animals might not bear good results as trapping. Therefore, consider the trapping procedures;

• Select the rabbit traps.
• Bait and set the trap.
• Place the trap.
• Relocate the rabbit after catching it.

These are the most recommended trapping procedure that you are advised to use whenever you have a problem with these animals in your yard or where ever else.

Selection of the rabbit traps
Selecting the rabbits’ traps is perhaps the most important of all. You might select a trap only to find out that it is very ineffective. Therefore, select the trap that you know will bear good results. Select the trap with the right dimensions. The size of the traps must be accurate and in order. Do not select a trap that is too big, neither should you select a trap that is too small. In general, you should choose a trap that is of medium size.

Bait and setting the trap
Baiting a trap should be done very carefully. A rabbit is a cunning animal and will tell when it is being coaxed. Select the right type of bait for the rabbit and then place the bait at a strategic point in the trap. This way the bunny will be attracted and fall for the trap. When setting the bait, make sure that you don’t leave your scent at the bait. Otherwise all your effort might be very futile.

Place the trap
After setting the bait, the next step is to set the trap. Setting should be done at a place where the animal is very likely to use. Either to gain access to your home or may be leave your compound. Set the trap at these strategic places (the entry points) here you will be sure to catch the animal so easily.

Relocating the rabbit
Most of the people after catching the animal will only think of smashing the animal out live. You should never do that; consider relocating the animal or giving the animal to the professional companies to deal with it.

Trapping and trapping procedure are perhaps the easiest part at controlling the activities of these animals. Therefore, the points above will help you deal with the an

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