What to do about a trap-shy rat

It is very difficult to trap the rats and it is even more difficult and almost impossible to trap the rats which are shy of the cages and traps. Usually people suggest using many traps at a time and suggest installing them at various locations. However there is still a kind of rats which do not go near these traps even if you put very tempting bait in these traps. This category is of the trap shy rats. In these cases it becomes very difficult to traps these animals and they go on annoying and destroying your possessions for the time they wish. Therefore it is important to consult the rodents’ experts and rat removal professionals to carry out the suitable planning and adopt certain strategies which could be helpful in trapping these annoying rats.

Adoption of suitable strategies
It is advised to adopt certain strategies and take such steps which are useful and effective in bringing them out of their places and hideouts and then they can be trapped or killed depending upon the situation. Among the various strategies one very useful step is to place the traps along the sides of walls. As the rats tend to run along the walls, therefore they may come to encounter the traps unnoticed and can be trapped in them.

Setting the locations of traps
Usually the trap shy rats prefer to hide and stay in such locations which are covered because they consider these locations safe. Therefore if you prefer using the covered traps, it will enable them to enter through without any hesitation. Then you can make them trapped inside these tricky traps which they consider a safe haven for themselves.

Positioning the traps
Adjusting the position of rat traps is very important. This should be done in such a way that the rats can get into the traps very easily without recognizing that these are some dangerous things. Positioning of the traps for rats should be done in such a way that they can enter in them along their natural running ways.

Setting traps on roof
If you want to trap the rats present on the roof, you can set the traps on the limbs of trees which are touching the roof. On the other hand the traps should be set along the locations which are the frequent passageways of these rats.

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