What to do about a trap-shy rodent

Mistakes in Rodent Trapping
The old-fashioned rodent traps are something that everyone uses in getting rid of rodents, such as rats and mice. Rodent traps can do a wonderful work, but only when they are used correctly. If they aren’t used correctly, the mice and rats can become trap-shy and almost impossible to get caught in a trap.

In this article, we will point out mistakes people make while setting up a rodent trap that leads to mice and rats become trap-shy. Mice and rats are highly intelligent animals that can’t be easily fooled by your traps. However, you will fool such rodents and get them inside your trap if you avoid mistakes in setting up rodent traps we will talk about now.

You’re Using the Wrong Bait
To avoid your rodents become trap-shy, you should use the right type of bait to lure them into your rodent trap. When you use the right type of rodent trap bait, the chances of catching a trap-shy and a normal rodent will increase significantly.

Some rodent trap baits that always work include marshmallows. gumdrops, cheese, peanut butter, beef, and even dental floss. Bait your rodent trap with such baits and you’ll catch those rodents successfully!

Wrong Location
Your rodents are sometimes trap-shy because you place traps in wrong locations. Most of the people actually place rodent traps in wrong places.

However, there are some great locations at which you can place your rodent traps. Such locations are:

• Crawl Spaces
• Garage
• Secluded Corners
• Cluttered Spaces
• Wall Voids
• Ceiling
• Top of the Basement

Place your rodent traps in these places and you will catch those cage-shy rodents almost instantly.

Wrong Type of Traps

There are various types of mice and rat traps that you can use to get rid of these critters, but not all of them are effective in getting rid of them and that is why some rats and mice become trap-shy.

Several types of rat and mice traps are better than other rodent traps, which is why it so important to find the ideal rodent trap for your rodent problem. Some types of rodent traps include:

• Live Rodent Traps
• Glue Traps
• Electronic Traps
• Snap Traps

If your rodents are trap-shy, we recommend you to trap them with a live rodent trap. If that doesn’t work, try other types of rodent traps.

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