What are the types of rat snap traps?

Do you know about rats? The rats are problem for so many people living in United States and other countries. They can mess your home by chewing into boarding insulation and wires and thus expose you to many types of dangers. Now while thinking of keeping an animal is a good idea, one question begs, where do you take rats that you catch alive? Nope. So in short, you have to kill them. The idea though is to kill it in the most humane way possibly. Hence, your tool of choice must be very fast and efficient n killing the rat. What are the types of snap trap available in the market?=

The wooden rat trap
These traps have been used over a long period of time and have basically strong wires that are set on a piece of wood with a release mechanism that when triggered snaps out of place and unto the thing that has touched and triggered it.
• Bait is placed on one end of the trap. The side where the rat is supposed to be trapped.
• Once the rat reaches out for the ‘food’, the trap snaps off its set position and naps on the rat’sneck breaking and killing it instantly.

The plastic rat trap
This one pretty much takes the same shape as the wooden rat trap but is;

• Made from plastic
• Mostly much stronger than the wooden trap.
• Where the wooden one may fall short, it compensates with speed and agility. Ensuring that the rat dies instantly.
• One can observe the dead rat as and when it dies.

Electronic rat traps
While these cannot really be referred to as snap traps, their behavior pretty much mimics the other two. The difference however lies in how it works.
• Bait is placed inside the trap
• When the rodent reaches in for food, it is electrocuted by a high voltage that is running through the trap.
• With this trap though, you will not see the dead rat as it is covered.

Is this really humane?
The humane way would be to trap them in live traps and let them out somewhere. But the obvious question is where? Rat traps may be some of the better methods of getting rid of rats because they generally kill them much faster than other methods. Therefore, while killing the little creatures is not a happy thought, there really aren’t many options of getting rid of them.

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