Do Bats Drink Water?

Bats are a special kind of mammals. They are also known as the best flying mammals as they are the only mammals which could fly properly. Bats use their webbed feet and widespread wings to fly or glide through swiftly. Although, they can fly, but they are not better than the birds. Yes, they can glide through very fast unlike other mammals using their wings which are covered with a thin membrane. Bats are present in mostly every part of the world except for the cold regions. They also come out at night and there are one thousand two hundred and forty species of bats to be found. The megabats are supposed to be the ones which rely largely on fruits and then come the flying foxes and other species of bats which are then further distributed. Some bats feed on fishes and mostly, the small bats feed on the insects. There is a special specie of bats which is known as the vampire bats, these are known to be feeding on blood. They are the most dangerous kinds of bats as they can even attack human beings for blood.

How do Bats drink water?
Bats are very swift in nature, but they cannot stay on still water or ground. They have the habit of moving around and keep flying. The drinking style of bats is quite different from other mammals as they use their tongue to drink water.

• Bats are very sharp listeners, but they cannot see so, they use their listening qualities to search water.
• Bats use the echo of the sound they create to locate where there is water. When they get to the place where there is water be it a pond or a lake they use their swiftness and gliding abilities to drink water.

The creatures present in the pond are well aware of the bats and they know how stealthy the bats are so, they try to keep themselves as safe as they can. The bats just glide in the pond and they collect a few drops of water as they glide and drink it in the air.

• They make full use of their tongues in order to do that, because these bats cannot really stand in water. So, they keep on doing this again and again until they are able to fulfil their needs.

Yes, they do drink water and in a very unique way.

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