What attracts rats?

Rats are the typical rodents which have got the characteristics habit of nibbling over the things. These creatures are basically wild in nature but they are frequently found in the domestic settings. Basically food is the main factor which attracts the rats and they come in the houses and build their nests over there. These are main attractions because of which rats come in the domestic settings and find shelter over there. Basically there are two main criteria for the selection of a habitat by rats and these are warmth and availability of food. Both these criteria are fulfilled in the domestic installations and that is why the rats find shelter and seek refuge in these areas. If you want to drive down the rat population in your house or near the area, then you have to work on the availability of these two criteria so that the rats may not get sufficient and suitable conditions. The best way to avoid the entry of rats is to seal the entry points of these creatures in the houses and also to work on the cleaning conditions of the houses and their suburbs. This will help out in discouraging the transportation of rats all around.

Presence of food

Basically the requirement of food and water for rats is very little. It is said that rats can survive only on a single ounce of food for the whole day. This will help in making the rats at home if they are provided with plenty of food. This is the main reason that these rodents are attracted towards the restaurants and homes. Therefore it is imperative to clean the trash cans and clear all the left over and uncovered food material so that the rats may not encounter it in the premises of your house or possessions. Sometimes the rats can also even gnaw at the entry points like wood or cardboard or plastic in order to enter inside.

Signs of presence of rats

The most common signs showing the presence of rats in the building are the gnawing and scurrying on the surfaces. Sometimes the rats also leave behind the wood chips and shavings and sometimes they also eat up the packaged food items. In addition to this, leaving the droppings in different places is also a sign showing that the rats are present in the specific place. Once the presence of rats is confirmed, certain steps are taken in order to trap them or to get rid of them.

What attracts rats?

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