Where do armadillos live? Do more armadillos live in urban areas, or wild areas?

A Peculiar Animal
If you ever find yourself on the road next to a desert at night, you will most probably encounter one weird animal. That animal will be the size of a small dog and it will look like it is ready to attack you any moment. What animal we are talking about? Well, we aren’t talking about any other animal besides an armadillo. If you don’t believe in our description of an armadillo, just ask anyone who has seen an armadillo how this animal looks and behaves like. Everyone who has seen an armadillo will tell you that these animals are weird. But why is that so? Well, armadillos are weird animals because their whole body, head, neck, legs, and even tail are covered with plates that resemble armor. Armadillos even got their name for their unusual armor. Armadillo actually means in Spanish “little armored creature.” Armadillos boast being the only animals in the world that have body armor.

Types of Armadillos
There are numerous types of armadillos. To be more precise, there are nearly 20 different types of armadillos and each type of armadillos is unique in its own way. People usually associate armadillos with the southern part of the United States. However, most armadillos live in Latin America. Only one type of armadillo can be found in the United States and that type of armadillo is the nine-banded armadillo.

Armadillo Relatives
Many people believe that armadillos are the cousins of turtles because of their shell that resembles a turtle’s shell. However, armadillos aren’t associated with turtles in any way. These wild animals are actually associated with animals such as sloths and anteaters. In fact, armadillos are close relatives of anteaters and sloths.

Armadillo Shapes and Sizes
Armadillos come in various sizes, colors, and shapes. The smallest type of armadillos is only six inches long while the longest type of armadillo is up to five feet long. Armadillo’s color ranges everywhere from black, gray to pink and red!

Why Do Armadillos Have Their Armor?
Armadillos have their armor for a reason. The armor the armadillos have protects them from their predators.

Where Can I Find Armadillos?
You will never find armadillos in areas with cold climate. Armadillos hate cold so you will find these animals in warm areas such as grasslands, deserts, and even rainforests. Do Armadillos Live More in Wild or Urban Areas? Armadillos can mostly be seen in wild areas. However, you can still find some armadillos in urban parts of Florida and Texas.

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