Where do coyotes live? Do more coyotes live in urban areas, or wild areas?

Coyotes are the descendents of the grey wolves and these animals were found in numerous numbers in the grasslands. Usually the coyotes used to live in the grasslands and areas which were richly inhabited by other herbivores like antelopes, bison and other species of deer. These animals inhabited and survived at their best in the short grass areas with the prairie dogs.

Versatile habitat range of coyotes
The major reason for the successful survival of the coyotes was the least competition between the coyotes and other carnivorous species living in the same habitat. This was the main reason that coyotes have an expanded region of habitat ranging from grasslands to deserts and semi arid regions. After the extermination of wolves was observed in the various Habitats of earth, the coyotes expanded their range of habitat and reached up to the mountains of Alberta.

Distribution of coyotes on the basis of their diet
Coyotes have got a versatile range of diet and they are flexible in their diet. This is one of the most successful reasons for their survival even in the urban areas. Normally the coyotes are the animals of the wild but they can also sometimes be found intruding in the domestic installation in the suburbs of the woods. Maximum diet of the coyotes consists of the animal matter. They also feed on their prey sometimes like bison, snakes, fish, amphibians and many other animals. However sometimes they may get choosy about the prey which is targeted by the coyotes. Usually they prey on the young bears, seals and rattle snakes.

Coyotes in urban areas
There are very rare occurrences when the coyotes are seen in or near the urban areas. There may be chances that the coyotes are seen in the domesticated areas near the forests or woods but even there they are not found in the form of groups. Humans are the worst enemies of coyotes and they prefer to avoid encounter with humans especially when they are solitary. However, if seen in the form of groups near human dwellings, the coyotes can prove to be dangerous and offensive.

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