Why do armadillos dig?

They Dig Like Other Mammals
Just like any other mammal digs for certain reasons, the dillo has reasons for digging as well. There are numerous reasons why armadillos dig holes near their surroundings. The reasons why an armadillo digs holes in the soil are the following:

1. To hide from their natural enemies
2. Looking for food
3. Creating shelters that will protect them from humans and predators
4. To create nests where they will raise their young
5. Creating pathways

Looking for food
Armadillo’s favorite foods, small invertebrates and insects are mostly found in the ground. These animals armadillos tend to eat are mostly found in soils that possess nutrients that are beneficial to them. Several of these small insects and invertebrates include earthworms, termites, ants, and various types of bugs. These bugs usually eat the nutrients that can be found in the ground. Dillos will feed on these insects that are found deep in the soil. To go deep into the soils that contain insects and bugs, armadillos have to dig their way through to the place where their food is located. To create shelters that will protect them from predators and humans There are certain animals that armadillos consider a threat. These animals include coyotes and other wild cats. Only these two animals are capable of removing an armadillo’s shell and eat the animal’s flesh. The only option armadillos when it comes to predators is running or hiding from them. To hide from their predators, armadillos will dig holes that will help them hide from their natural predators. Common domestic are also the enemies of armadillos. Armadillos need to dig a hole deep enough so that their natural predators can’t find them inside.

To create shelter for themselves
An armadillo always needs a place to live in. This is why this weird animal digs deep holes to sustain it.

To create nests where they will raise their young
When a mother armadillo feels that she is ready to implant her fertilized egg, she will start to dig a deep hole in which she will give birth to her young and raise them in that hole. Momma armadillo must dig a deep hole so that she and her young could be safe from predators.

To create pathways
Armadillos also dig holes that will serve them as pathways through which they will enter and exit.

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