Will a Wild Animal in the Attic Have a Nest of Babies?

There are different wild animal species that love to inhabit the attic as they find enough security and warmth while in attic. Most of them usually love to prepare safety place for their nest of babies and often prefer to do that in the attic. The time of the year you have wild animal infestation in your attic will determine whether the animals have nest of babies or not. If you have issues with squirrels in the attic in by January or August there is probability that the animals already have nest of babies.

Consider the Type of the Animal in the Attic

Before you will be able to guess whether the animal in your attic has nest of babies or not you have to find out the kind of animals it is. This is because, while most wild animals love to make nest of babies in the attic there are still some that prefer to make their babies elsewhere apart from the attic. Most animals that make nest of babies in the attic include: Rats, Mice, Raccoons, Opossum, Coyotes and others.

Find Out the Breeding Time for the Animal

If you have known the particular while animal in your property or attic, you should consider the breeding season of the animal. That will help you to figure out whether the animal has nest of babies in the attic or not. Squirrels normally have winter and summer breeding season, female raccoons normally move to attic during spring that is March and April when they want to make nest of babies. So, find out the animal and the breeding season.

Trap the Mother and Remove the Young with Hand

If you discovered that the wild animal inside your attic is in the breeding season and have nest of babies you have do something fast. Make sure that you trap the mother and remove the babies with hand. But if you think that you are not brave enough, you can go ahead and hire wild animal removal to help you deal with wild animal nest of babies in your attic.

Make Sure You Clean Up Their Droppings and Urines to Avoid Contamination and Infection

Now you have removed the wild animal nest of babies you should make sure you clean up the droppings and urine to avoid serious health risk associated with wild animal droppings. Make sure you protect yourself properly while cleaning up wild animal droppings to avoid contamination.

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