What to Do About a Wild Animal on the Roof

Do you have a wild animal making noise on the roof and you are wondering what to do? Have you been finding it difficult to sleep in the night due to disturbance from wild animal and you are thinking the best way to solve the problem? You are not alone as there are many homeowners passing through the same experience. Some wild animals can easily climb to your roof when they find route to the roof and something attention-grabbing there. So, it is not unlikely for you to find one in your roof at any time. You will learn what to do about a wild animal on the roof.

Cut Down the Branch of Trees Touching Your Roof

Raccoons and others can easily climb to your roof through a branch of a nearby tree that is touching your roof. For that reason, if you discover presence of wild animals in your roof you should go ahead and cut and trim the branch of trees touching your roof. That will make the animals not to be able to climb to your roof again.

Remove the Possible Attraction to the Wild Animal on the Roof
Wild animal climbing to your roof must have some attractive source up there. It can be a prey for food sources or even a safe and secure place to make nest of babies. So, you have to remove all the possible attractive point on your roof to prevent wild animal climbing up there to cause trouble again for you. Birds can easily make your roof their roosting place when there are some food sources there.

Set Trap for the Wild Animal on the Roof to Catch and Relocate

Now you can go ahead and look for a way to remove the wild animal already on your roof. You can do this by setting trap for them on the roof. Just make sure that trapping and relocation is legal in your area before going ahead to do so to the wild animal on the roof.

Cover Your Chimney and Other Openings to Avoid Wild Animal Getting Into Chimney or Attic

Now you have successfully removed the animal, cut down the branch of nearby trees, remove the possible food sources and others the next thing will be to close up the possible hole through which they can get into your attic, chimney and others. Provide your chimney with cap to avoid the animal moving into the chimney.

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