How to Keep Wild Animals Out Of My Garden

Do you have vegetable garden and wild animals are continuously causing damages in the garden? Are you looking for the best way to keep wild animals out of your garden? Have you been searching for the safest way to preserve your vegetables, nuts, fruits and other garden produce from wild animal damage? If yes, you are in the right place. This article is about to provide you with information on how to keep wild animals out of garden.

Build Tall Fence around Your Garden

If you have wild animals in your garden causing serious damages to your garden produce, you have to erect tall fence. The fence can be erected with wire mesh and ensure the wire is buried some inches beneath the ground to avoid some wild animals like opossum, skunks, raccoons and others do not dig to buy pass the fence and gain access to your garden. Make sure there are no tall trees with branches touching the fence so as to avoid the animal climbing through the tree down to your garden.

Plant Some Well Known Attractive Foods to Wild Animal Away From Your Garden

You can equally lure wild animals away from your garden by planting some attractive wild animal foods away from your garden. That can direct their attention to another place thereby saving your garden from being complete damaged by the wild animal. But, for this method to work you must first of all identify the particular wild animal species that is causing damage to your garden.

Set Trap for the Wild Animal

One thing about keeping wild animals away from garden is that there may be need for combination of several methods in order to completely get them out. You can equally set trap either lethal or humane trap to catch the animals and relocate to another place. That can help reduce the animal population but may not guarantee solution you need without combining with another method like fencing. More so, before going ahead to set trap, you must know about legality of wild animal trapping in your area.

Use Predator Urine to Scare Wild Animal Away From Your Garden

Another way to get wild animals out of your garden is with the help of predator urine. Find out the animal and get the urine of the predator. The animal will be scared to forage in your garden when it continuously perceives the scent of the predator urine around your garden.

How to Keep Wild Animals Out Of My Garden

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