How to Get Wild Animals Out Of the Chimney

Getting wild animal out of your chimney can be difficult mostly when you have not deal with that before. The species of wild animal in your chimney will determine the method you can use to remove the animal from the chimney. Some of the animals that can easily get stuck in chimney include: Bats, Birds, Squirrels and Raccoons. Some of these animals can easily move into open chimney without being able to come out their own.

How to Get Birds Out Of Chimney

Birds always love to nest inside chimney and they usually do that either inside or on top of vent gas fireplace. This is mostly because birds usually find warmth, protection and safety while inside the chimney. One thing about the birds nesting on vent gas fireplace is that their nest can cause fire hazard which made it important for you to remove them as soon as possible. Just check your vent for blockage, scare the birds away, and remove their babies or eggs and the nest. Then seal up the entry point to avoid recurrent problem.

The Easier Way to Get Bats Out Of Chimney

Bats always love to roost in dark places and can easily turn your chimney into their dwelling place if they find your chimney available. You should be careful while dealing with bat as they can transfer rabies though bite and their droppings can cause serious health hazard. It is always important to hire a qualified and well experienced bat removal to handle the issue when you have bat in your chimney. If the bats are removed make sure you install top-sealing comprising of both damper and cap. Then, close down other spaces through which bat can get into your chimney.

Tips on How to Get Squirrels Out Of Chimney

Squirrels can build their nest inside the chimney and can open damper to enter into your house through the fireplace. Allowing this to happen can result to thousand dollar damage to you. Just find out whether the squirrels have nest of babies before selecting the best method to get them out. You can install one-way exclusion method which can help you to allow the squirrels out of chimney without being able to get back in.

How to Get Raccoons Out Of Chimney

Licensed wild animal specialists are the ones recommended to handle raccoon problem in the chimney. This is because raccoon in chimney can be aggressive, carry diseases like rabies and roundworm and also can bite.

How to Get Wild Animals Out Of the Chimney

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