How to Remove a Wild Animal Stuck In a Dumpster

Most wild animals love to snack out of things in the dumpsters and in most cases usually get stuck after feeding in things there. Then, how can you remove a wild animal stuck in a dumpster without getting hurt or stained by the animal? If these are what you are searching for, this article is going to serve as succor to you as is it about to provide you with tips on how to remove a stuck wild animal in dumpster without problem.

Put a cardboard for the Animal to Walk out Of the Dumpster

A wild animal stuck in dumpster will be looking for next available means to get out. So, you should not panic when you find it rather you should look for the best way to help the animal out of the hostage. You can do this by putting in long plank, cardboard or other things for the animal to walk out of the dumpster. Just put the object there and walk away for the animal to come out undisturbed.

Trap Them with Snare Pole and Transfer to Cage

Another way to solve the problem of wild animal stuck in dumpster is to trap it with snare pole and transfer to cage then relocate. The kind of animal in the dumpster will determine the method you will use to remove it from the dumpster. Snare pole work well but only that it will result to secondary problem which is relocating the animal to another location.

Throw Some More Trash and Garbage for Them to Climb and Come Out

If you are not able to find cardboard or even any long plank for the animal to walk out of the dumpster and you do not have snare pole you can just throw in more trash into the dumpster for it to step on them and come out of the dumpster. This is among the humane way of getting raccoon, opossum and other wild animals that like snacking in dumpster out when they get stuck.

Tip Over the Dumpster with the Help of Other People

If there are some people around let them help you to tip over the dumpster for the wild animal to move out safety. Just ensure no one block the way through which the animal will walk or run away to avoid getting bite when it will be struggling to move way from people around.

How to Remove a Wild Animal Stuck In a Dumpster

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