What Wild Animals Can Destroy the Wood on Your House?

Watching wild animals move around, feed and play with each other can bring sense of humor, thrill and wonder. Nevertheless, you must know that the animals can cause serious damages to your property when they get too close to you. They can chew the wires in the attic, insulations and even go ahead to scratch and chew wood beam. Also, wooden doors are often damaged by skunks and other nuisance wild animals. In case you do not know the wild animals that can destroy the wood on your house this article is about to provide you with the list.

The Wild Rat Can Chew Through the Wood in the Attic

Different wild animal species causes different kind of damages to things in the attic and other places they find themselves. For that reason, you can easily identify the animal causing infestation in your attic and any of your property through the kind of damages they cause. Wild rats are known for their ability to chew on strong objects including wires and wood beam. So, if you have wild rat in your attic you should expect the wood there being damaged gradually through chewing.

Raccoons Can Scratch Through the Wood Bean

Raccoon is another wild animal species that can cause serious damages to things around including the wood and wooden objects. For that reason, if you raccoons in your attic you may have to chance some of your wooden beams after removing them successfully. The longer you allow the wild animals to stay in your property that more damages they will cause to you. That is the reason why you have to do everything possible to remove raccoons when you discover their presence in your property.

Skunks Can Damage Wooden Doors

Skunks are beautiful to watch while moving around but, can cause serious damage to your wooden doors. Apart from damaging the woods through scratching this wild animal can easily spray odorous substance on the door and any other thing around with slightest provocation.

Wood Pecker Can Damage Wood on Your House

The wood pecker is a bird known for noise it normally make while pecking wood with the beak. This special and beautiful bird has elongated beak which it normally use to peak on wood while searching for insect and other smaller ants. If this bird gets into your property, house or inside your attic it can cause tremendous damage on the wood around there.

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