What do wildlife rehabilitators do with pigeons?

Pigeons are among the most common feathered creatures that have successfully adapted to live in urban areas. Just like rats and other rodents they are also into littering of garbage and leaving behind their droppings messing up our living space. But, still the urban settlement can harm them vigorously. However, the task of caring the harmed or damaged ones falls into the hands of Wildlife Rehabilitators. In general, wildlife rehabilitators do not charge any currency for their services but they gladly accept the donations made by people.

How they trap pigeons?
The first step that wildlife rehabilitators follow is to examine whether or not the pigeon (or pigeons) need to be trapped. Various trapping techniques are utilized by rehabilitators to trap them and it is ensured that these techniques are as humanely as possible. Setting up a trap by using bait is the most common one.

There are other methods that include lethal ones (shooting, breaking their neck, poisoning, etc.) but they are inhumane as well as unlawful in most countries. That’s why there are more subtle methods available.

What happens with the pigeons after they are caught?
Unless the pigeons have recently discovered your place there is a decent possibility that they will continue returning. As specified some time recently, a few people bring home the bacon with pigeon races, which comprises of discharging the pigeon and giving it a chance to discover its perch. This implies notwithstanding catching and discharging the pigeons you will likewise need to consider what you will do to keep them from making a perch out of your home. There are various impediment choices for pigeons. There are fences, mesh, and stakes that are sheltered and intended to shield the pigeons from having the ability to peacefully arrive. You will need to have an arrangement that uses a blend of catching and hindrances to keep your home pigeon free.

If you are not so inhuman to kill them yourself them do not trap them and release them elsewhere as they will return easily or start making trouble somewhere else. The best way is to call the wildlife rehabilitators and handover those trapped pigeons alive.

A falconer may feed them to hawks and end the trouble once and for all. The wildlife rehabilitators may use them for training dogs or just kill them by breaking their necks, whatever legal action they can take according to their local laws.

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