What do wildlife rehabilitators do with rats?

The task of wildlife rehabilitators is very critical and also very important. They are supposed to save the lives of not only adult but more preferably young baby animals so that their generation could be saved and the species may not be jeopardized. Usually we do not call the wildlife rehabilitators when we catch rats or if we want to relocate them. The most important thing is that these are experts who know the right thing which should be done to rats especially when it regards to their relocation.

Carrying out successful rehabilitation
Your task does not end with just relocating the rats especially when you are relocating the female rat and her newly born litter. There are some specific ways of relocating the rats and allowing them to rehabilitate. These can be better comprehended by a wildlife rehabilitation specialist. There are different conditions which apply on different ages of rats. For example if the baby rats are less than two weeks in age, then their eyes are not open yet. At this age the baby rats need to be fed after every two hours even if it is night. This routine needs to be continued for the time period of about two weeks. In case the baby rats do not have their mother with them, then it is the responsibility of the rehabilitation expert to look after them and also keep them rehydrated by means of formula milk.

Caring for the small size of baby rats
Basically the thing which really matters about the baby rats is their small size. At times they are so small that you cannot feed them by means of a feeder or bottle. In these cases you have to take the aid of syringe in order to feed them. Nowadays there are very fine syringes available with fine tips and covers. This is the safest way of feeding the baby rats and their survival is also ensured. They should only be abandoned when they are able to nurse themselves by feeding on other food other than milk.

Checking for the aspiration of rats
The rehabilitation experts also essentially check for the aspiration of rats if it is going on or not. If a bubble of fluid has appeared from the nose of baby rat then it means that it is aspirating. In these cases it is immediately required to turn it upside down so as to keep the breath running.

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