What do wildlife rehabilitators do with squirrels?

If your house has been infested by squirrels the surest way to solve the problem is by calling a wildlife rehabilitator to come over. They are professional wildlife controllers with the necessary experience and skills to effectively clear animals from your home. Their role is to handle the wildlife in a humane manner and provide rehabilitation services to them. Their service to squirrels may include:

• Providing temporary care for orphaned squirrels
• Protecting the squirrels from harm
• Treating sick and injured squirrels
• Feeding and raising orphaned squirrels

In case you need to locate a wildlife rehabilitator in your area of residence, their contacts can be found at www.wildlife-removal.com.

When you should seek for a rehabber's services
Wildlife rehabbers should be contacted when you notice a squirrel infestation in your property or when rescuing a squirrel found in distress. A wildlife rehabilitator is trained to handle such cases with expertise. You can also contact a wildlife rehabilitator in case you need answers to trivial matters that are squirrel related.

Providing temporary care for squirrels
Young squirrels usually do not have the ability to get food. A wildlife rehabilitator may help such animals by providing the care they need. They usually feed and warm the young animals until they are old enough to be released into the wild. It is advisable to give up squirrels to a professional rehabilitator as it will have a greater chance of survival under their experienced hands.

Protection from harm
A wildlife rehabilitator may rescue a squirrel that is at risk of being killed by lurking predators. This plays a role in the conservation of a specific species that is facing the possibility of extinction such as the red squirrel species. Harm may also be in the form of diseases that are life threatening such as pox virus.

Treating injured squirrels
A squirrel may be injured during movement or in the aftermath of an attack. Wildlife rehabilitators can help the injured squirrels by cleaning wounds and giving antibiotics or performing life saving operations to remove the threat of death.

Feeding and raising orphaned squirrels
Orphaned squirrels need care. Feeding and raising them should be done by professionals who can do the job with dedication and diligence. Orphaned squirrels are released when they are grown and hardy enough to survive in the wilderness. The rehabilitator knows the best way to raise them so that they can survive in the wilderness.

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